A dinull system is the subcomponent of a Null System. They contain small quantities of Dark energy. Dinull systems are known to contain Gamma organisms, a type -8 civilization that trades with Beta organisms. Dinull systems are positive-dimensional, due to having more positive Trinull systems than negative Dark energy. If this imbalance is not availible, the Dinull system will explode with the power of approximately 1 yottajoule, and it's core will rapidly expand and swallow (di)null systems over the course of 8 months untill it becomes a The Inside. Dinull systems are even more unstable than their Null system cousins, and eject 524288 trinull systems per second, scoring unstability 87%.

Energy harvest

Gamma organisms stay inside Dinulls, waiting for them to explode and die, so they can harvest the yottajoule of electricity for creating quantum nanostructures. This is similar to what Beta organisms do inside null systems, except, on a much, MUCH, smaller scale. Because the gamma organisms have more energy, they will frequently trade with energy-harvesting Beta organisms giving them small rations of the energy, who in turn trade with Alpha organisms to create quantum octahedrons.

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