A null system is a large matrix of null polytopes with varying negative dimensions, found inside a The Lock. For each given dimension, there are TREE(3) null polytopes. Because of these negative-dimensional polytopes, you would think that the Null System itself has negative dimensionality, but in fact the G(1) Dinull systems inside are positive-dimensional, and these two balance out to create a 0D Null System. If the balance is broken, then the null system will collapse in an electrical explosion equivalent to 5000 joules. Null systems are also known to be highly unstable, and eject 4983 dinull systems per second, giving an unstability score of 75%. As a result, the entities inside Dinull systems (Gamma organisms) are frequently teleported to other systems, and have evolved to adapt to perpetual motion.

Energy Harvesting

Most null systems are home to Beta organisms, a type -7 civilization that waits for the electrical explosion, and then captures the electricity for use in microstructures. The beta organisms will also frequently trade the electricity with Alpha organisms who can use either the electricity or entire Locks to make Quantum octahedrons, and vice versa.

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