The Sign Barrier is the zero-size, infinite-mass, black hole-like barrier that seperates the Negative and Positive. Anything living inside the Sign Barrier must be negative-sized, and everything outside must be positive-sized. The Sign Barrier is an incredibly valuable resource, allowing the resources of the Positive to be accessed from the Negative, and vice versa. Espacing the Sign Barrier has long been a huge problem. Anything that went to the Sign Barrier would get sucked into Pure Nullordinalis, which is on the brink of the Negative and Complex, and impossible to escape for both Positive-entities and Negative-entities.

It is possible for the Complex-entities to cross over Pure Nullordinalis, but it still takes parseconds of training and has a 10^-859218% chance of working. However, a nonstop travel to the Sign Barrier without crossing Nulordinalis is in the works, known as the Quantum octahedron. Organisms across the Archnull systems are producing the Quantum octahedrons via the EMPs Archnulls will regularily produce.

Escape Attempts

There have been a number of escape attempts from the Sign Barrier, with or without the Quantum octahedrons, but all have failed.

Attempt 1

This attempt was performed by an Alpha organism from the Positive who tried escaping with some Null system scraps, and got into Negative, but 58 minutes later they got teleported to the dreaded Ordinalis and died.

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