A star is a condensed heated gas cloud capable of fusing atoms in it’s core. Most stars will have a system of planets orbiting them, known as a solar system. Stars are subclassed into Y,T,L,M,K,G,A,B, and O spectral types from lowest temperature to highest temperature (plus class D for white dwarves and X for black holes), along with roman-numeraled mass classes ranging from 0 to VII (7). parent star in our local star, is classed as GV (a yellow dwarf) star and is called the Sun. If brown dwarfs are counted, stars must be heavier than 0.012 solar masses or are otherwise planets.

Brown dwarfs

Brown dwarfs are small and cold stars making up the Y, T, and L spectral types, and have masses between 0.012 and 0.08 solar masses. There are so small they are sometimes not counted as stars and are instead put into their own intermediate class.


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