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Welcome to the Sub-Universe Wiki. We're a collaborative FANDOM encyclopedia on quantum cosmology, geometry, etc., that anyone who's logged in can edit. Note that many pages on this wikia are Hypothetical and were created as extensions of the string theory or just as science fiction, but there are factual pages about the larger-scale universe too, such as Star or Preon. All new users are required to read the rules, but if you don't follow them page deletion and even temporary blocking may happen. Please help edit and expand the hierarchy here!

If you're coming from another wiki hosted on Fandom, we are currently using a new "UCP" editor and interface that's still in beta, so please get used to the new interface and report any bugs you come across.


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  1. Please do not create spam/vandalistic pages that take up the server data and are an eyesore to read. This also includes rude edits to other pages and walls.
  2. No off-topic pages. This means no post-multiverse objects, and nothing that isn't vaguely related to astronomy, (quantum) physics or biology.
  3. No number/archverse pages if they can go on for a very long time. For example, creating a set of pages "Oneverse" to "Thirtyverse" and then starting another chain would be OK, but endlessly creating a chain of "Oneverse" type articles would not since there will be no non-numberverses after that.
  4. No inappropriate pages.
  5. No violation of Fandom's Terms of Uses.

The rules will apply to everyone, even admins. Violation of any rule will result in consequences ranging from a warning message on your wall to a long block, to even a global ban by FANDOM if they deem it too extreme, depending on the severity of the situation.

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